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OnTrak offers specialized programs for anxiety, depression and substance use disorders. OnTrak includes medical visits with a physician, psychosocial therapy for skill-building and 52-weeks of care coaching by a nurse.

Programs Offered

OnTrak Programs for
Anxiety, OCD, PTSD
OnTrak Programs for
OnTrak Programs for
Alcohol, Drugs


The OnTrak anxiety program is tailor-made to address the unique needs of each member's anxiety condition.

Treatment involves using methods of skill building that are demonstrated to be effective in resolving anxiety.


The OnTrak depression program uses techniques that have been proven to be effective in improving depression.

Members learn specific behavioral changes they can make that improve their chance of success.

Substance Use Disorder

The OnTrak substance use disorder program is designed for members who are just beginning treatment and also those for whom other recovery programs have not worked. Evidence-based psychological therapies build relapse prevention skills.

At Catasys, we believe that mental health coexists with physical health, and that successful outcomes require provider coordination, a whole-person-health treatment philosophy, member skill building and long-term reinforcement. Call us, 1-866-517-1414, to find out how Catasys can help your organization.