Catasys Results

Catasys improves member health and lowers insurer costs.

  Catasys improves member health and reduces total paid claims by 50%.
  Savings are driven by a 73% reduction in emergency department and inpatient utilization,
  as well as a 55% reduction in professional costs such as doctor fees.
  Program retention is 80%: 4 times the average behavioral health treatment retention.

Humana – Catasys Outcomes

Humana-Catasys Case Study
American Society of Addiction Medicine
46th Annual Conference - Austin TX; April 23-26, 2015

Cost comparison of participants in the OnTrak program versus eligible non-participants after a 52-week period. PMPM costs were reduced by nearly half among participants while costs for eligible non-participants increased by 14%.

At Catasys, we believe that mental health coexists with physical health, and that successful outcomes require provider coordination, a whole-person-health treatment philosophy, member skill building and long-term reinforcement. Call us, 1-866-517-1414, to find out how Catasys can help your organization.