OnTrak™ Providers

Catasys has developed a specialized network of providers to treat behavioral health patients. This is a value added service provided at little to no cost to the health plan member.

Why Catasys

Behavioral Health treatment is our primary focus while addressing the whole health of the member.
We share with you patient progress, status and assessments, pursuant to the patient’s written consent.
Our specially selected and trained team coordinates care for Behavioral Health patients with multiple chronic conditions and other disorders.
OnTrak employs proven medical interventions and counseling personalized for each health plan member.
Patients adhere to treatment due to frequent contacts with Behavioral Health professionals.
OnTrak has an 80% program retention rate and improves overall health based on an individualized care plan adjusted for patient acuity.

If you would like to join the OnTrak Provider Network please call 1-310-444-4381.