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OnTrak Solutions
Cutting Edge Treatment for Challenging Members
Improving Health and Reducing Costs More Than 50%
Catasys continues to consistently improve member health resulting in reduced hospital utilization and a reduction in total health care costs of more than 50% in the last year. These results are consistent with last year’s results which also demonstrated over 50% reduction in costs.

The savings were driven primarily through a 73% reduction in facility costs (lower emergency department and inpatient utilization) and a 55% reduction in professional costs (e.g., doctor fees), partially offset by an increase in pharmacy costs from improved medication compliance for members with coexisting medical conditions.

Program retention of eligible members remains high at more than 80%. The OnTrak program savings represents an estimated $20 million in potential annual savings for every one million health plan members.

Humana-Catasys Case Study
American Society of Addiction Medicine
46th Annual Conference - Austin TX; April 23-26, 2015
Integration of a substance abuse treatment program into population-based behavioral health care.

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